Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week of December 5th, 2016 

Traditions Feast

The 4th grade Traditions Feast is one of my favorite events of the year! You are all invited to join us at school on December 21st from 12:30-2:00pm to share in each other's traditions and some delicious treats! 

For this special feast, I am asking that the fourth graders bring in a food item or dish that they usually enjoy during the holidays. At the feast, students will first share a little bit about the food they brought in and then we will eat. Next week, your child will bring home a traditions worksheet. Please work with them to think of a dish that is traditional (or well liked) in your family that would be possible to bring to school to share on Dec. 21st.   Thank you in advance for contributing to this event! Dishes do not need to be homemade, just special for your family.  Foods that have been shared in the past range from homemade latkes to hot chocolate to store bought cookies.

California Cookies 

We have an exciting event coming up before winter break! Making California cookies is a longstanding 4th grade tradition at Edna Maguire and I’m excited to bring it to your kids this year!  On December 22nd at 1:30pm, your children will be decorating cookies in the shape of California to demonstrate the natural landforms of our state.  I appreciate any and all support that you can provide for this event.  Please visit the sign up genius page to volunteer to bake cookies, donate supplies or help in class on the day of the activity.

Please contact me at with any questions that you have. If you sign up to bake cookies, I will be in touch with directions and a recipe. Thank you in advance for your help!


This is a Kiddo! sponsored program that started this week! Students will be learning about writing their own poetry under the guidance of Terri Glass, a seasoned poet with the Poets in Schools Organization.
The Winter Sing
This performance will be featuring the Kiddo!-sponsored 3rd and 4th grade chorus! It is on Tuesday, December 20th at 1pm in the MPR. Please join us if you are able!

Mindful Mornings

Who: Edna Maguire students, students’ families (parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings, cousins  - anyone!), and staff interested in starting off their day more mindfully.

What: A mindfulness lesson supported by Tara Ordonez – Edna’s very own 1st grade teacher who has participated in Mindful Schools training and certification programs.

Where: On the stage in the MPR

When: Every Friday morning from 8:30-8:40am beginning Friday, December 9

Why: Mindfulness is "paying attention to the present moment on purpose and non-judgmentally.” In the school setting, mindfulness helps students to increase their focus and concentration skills, improve self-awareness, self-control and resilience - all critical skills for being a successful student and citizen. In today's world, where over stimulation is constant, cultivating mindfulness can give children powerful tools to develop a more balanced and self-regulated mind and body. Mindfulness teaches our children to be more present and it gives them the permission to stop and just "be" for a moment.

Beyond these compelling reasons to practice mindfulness, participating in A Mindful Morning at Edna is a unique experience to share with your child and other Edna students and families.

Details: There is no need to sign up. Just arrive in the MPR by 8:30am and quietly join us on the stage. Students can attend Mindful Mornings without the supervision of a parent or guardian, but will be expected to participate appropriately. If the curtains are closed on the stage, the mindfulness lesson has begun – please be mindful and don’t interrupt. We’d love to see you the following week!
Students should leave their backpacks on the floor in front of the stage when they arrive. We would welcome and greatly appreciate any yoga mat or carpet sample/square donations. Until we have our own supply, bringing your own mat or blanket might make the stage floor more comfortable. We hope to see you next Friday, December 9, at 8:30am!


The Mill Valley School District relies on financial support from Kiddo! in order to bring our children a quality, well-rounded education. Your contributions to Kiddo! make so many programs and services at our school possible! Because of your donations, our students are given regular instruction in art, music, dance, drama, poetry, and P.E. My students and I also get help from Kiddo! funded classroom aides, library aides, and tech experts. In fact, Kiddo! is celebrating its 35th year supporting our schools, teachers, and kids! Please know that your voluntary donations to Kiddo! every year – in any amount – help keep great programs and people in place at our school. Thanks in advance for helping Kiddo! help our schools.


Last year the PTA purchased a yearbook for each student.  Thank you, PTA!  However, this year and going forward we are reverting back to having parents purchase one for their family or each of their students if they would like to have one.  While it was nice to provide each student a book, the $13,500 expense is just too big to justify when there are other programs that more urgently need PTA funding. 

Yearbooks can be purchased via the website. Edna Weekly or the following link through January 31st, 2017.;jsessionid=FAC18BD19D2C3CF98105D1D86FAA4CBE

Birthday Books

The PTA is funding a birthday book for each student at Edna.  These books are needed for the library so the PTA fully funding the Edna library's $14,000 budget is a better use of parent donations.  Thank you parents, for your donations!

Sutter's Fort

The planning for our incredible Sutter's Fort trip has begun! This hands on, immersive field trip requires a great deal of preparation and parent support. Please mark your calendars for the mandatory parent meeting, which will be held on January 25th, 2017 at 6:30pm. At least one parent from each family needs to attend this meeting to ensure that your family knows how to prepare for the trip.

This year, we will also need to sew some costume elements ahead of time in order to be able to provide them for the entire class. If you know how to sew and are interested in helping out, please contact me or Cara Guyot. She will be organizing a few sewing parties to get us ready for our big trip. Thank you, Cara, and everyone who is planning helping out!